Tubular rhinestones

Tubular rhinestones

Transparent silicon tube covered with 10 or 6 rows of shiny crystal rhinestones.

Diameter of tube 6.20mm or 4.10mm.

The internal hole allows to use a central flexible metal thread to create shapes and accessories.

Soft and easy to handle

Available in crystal color, other colors upon request

tubolare_strass_dettaglio1_web (UK)
tubolare_strass2 (UK)
tubolare_strass_dettaglio2_web (UK)
tubolare_strass_dettaglio3_web (UK)
tubolare_strass_dettaglio4_web (UK)
tubolare_strass_dettaglio5_web (UK)
corda_strass_sapphire (UK)
corda_strass_emerald (UK)